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For more than five decades Somerville has been supporting Territorians to enhance the dignity and quality of their lives.

We continue to seek improvement of the human condition in a complex and changing world.

As a not for profit charitable organisation we are committed to achieving social justice and a civil society. 

As the world changes, Somerville will remain determined to right the wrongs.

We believe our quality of life is fundamental to our wellbeing.

Our Logo was chosen with care, mindful of our mission. It signifies our ability to work outside of the square.

The circle is symbolic of wholeness and health and the circles within circles indicate the layers and complexity of the lives we encounter each day.

Overarching all is the stylised family embodying the nurturing and embracing nature of Somerville. Blue is pristine, the freshness of the sky and the sea. It is also the favourite colour of Margaret Somerville, our inspiration.