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2016 National NILS Conference

Somerville attended the National NILS Conference that was held over two days in Adelaide this month, with Dr Christine Nixon AMP and Adam Mooney amongst the keynote speakers. NILS is a community-based program enabling people living on low incomes to access credit to purchase essential goods and services.

NILS is financed by Good Shepard Microfinance who partners with community organisations across Australia, giving people on low incomes safe access to funds to help themselves. In 2015, the NILS program reached 49,000+ people and families, with over $20 million worth of NILS loans.

The conference outlined how the partnerships are beneficial to all parties as well as the wider community. Expertise from these partnerships helps Somerville make a positive social impact on fellow Territorians. For more information on the NILS program please contact Somerville on 08 8920 4100.

Find out more about the conference here.

2016 National NILS Conference