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Chief Minister challenges Somerville staff to a game of Connect 4

The Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, Mr Adam Giles visited Somerville to spend time with our CEO, managers and staff.

Vicki O’Halloran provided Adam with an update on the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) as well as our Disability Services, Family Services and Financial Services programs. Chief Minister, Mr Giles is the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services; Minister for Tourism; Minister for Northern and Central Australia; Minister for Economic Development and Major Projects; as well as Minister for Indigenous Affairs.

Staff at Somerville greatly appreciated the Chief Minister taking time out of his busy schedule to join in on our morning tea, catch up with the team and play a ‘serious’ game of Connect 4 with Callum.

Photo L-R: Maintenance Assistant, Callum Bateman and our Chief Minister, Mr Adam Giles. There could only be one winner – congratulations Callum! Better luck next time Chief Minister.

Chief Minister visits Somerville and challenges staff to a game of connect 4!