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Discovering a Passion for Art

StepOut Community Access Program in conjunction with Katherine Regional Arts (KRA) brokered an Arts program in the weeks leading up to the Royal Katherine Show.

KRA supports local artists and cultural development in the region. The program was established to give people with a disability the opportunity to express themselves through art under the guidance of an experienced artist.

The end goal is to have a painting they completed themselves.

For eight weeks both Marlene Mundul and Gwenda Robertson along with Step Out staff worked on their paintings. Both of them have thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are keen to continue with this or a similar program.

This program has been exceptionally beneficial to both Marlene and Gwenda giving them the opportunity to meet and socialise with people from different walks of life who have the same passion.


Gwenda's painting:
 Painting by Gwenda Robertson
Marlene's Painting: 
Painting by Marlene Mundul