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Enhancing young family relationships through the Kids FAST program

As part of our mission to impact positively on the quality of life of Territorians, we partnered with Gray Primary School to help implement and facilitate the Kids FASTTM (Families and Schools Together) program.

The Kids FASTTM program is designed to encourage parents to become increasingly involved in the lives of their children through family relationship management, improved parent-child bonding, and stimulating parental encouragement. By empowering parents to be the primary protective factors for their own family, the program helps make lasting changes.

We also delivered an additional special presentation activity to the families in order to help identify and combat bullying.

The eight participating families that graduated from the program provided great feedback, and expressed that the program had a positive impact on their family's relationships and holistic system functioning within each family unit.

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Kids FAST Somerville Family Services NT

Kids Fast Somerville Gray Primary School

Kids Fast Bullying Superhero Activity