Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping is an annual fundraising event held for a few weeks before Christmas Day at which volunteers wrap parcels for a small fee in Casuarina Square, Palmerston Shopping Centre and Mitchell Centre.

Operation Santa
(formally known as the UnitingCare Christmas Appeal)

Target, UnitingCare and Somerville Community Services, the Coordinator of Operation Santa in the Northern Territory are asking the community to join forces for Operation Santa, the annual Christmas appeal which helps vulnerable individuals and families in our community.

This Christmas season, people can spread Christmas joy through Operation Santa by generously donating gifts at Target at Palmerston Shopping Centre.  Take a tag of the tree and buy a gift for someone in need.  The public are being requested to give an extra present and use their Christmas spirit to bring love, joy and hope to those in our community who are less fortunate.  Operation Santa commences in November and goes through to 24 December each year.  Somerville collects the gifts regularly and distributes to those in need in time for Christmas morning.

Community Sector Breakfast/Morning Tea/Lunch

Somerville invites members of the community to attend their quarterly Community Sector breakfasts, morning teas or lunches in Darwin/Palmerston/Katherine.  This is an opportunity to learn about the work of the organisation.  Persons interested in attending should contact the Executive Assistant on (08) 8920 4100.


Somerville regularly holds in-service training for staff where members of other organisations are invited to attend.  Our organisation has a commitment to the ongoing professional development of all employees where possible.