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Somerville Annual Golf Day 2016

Each year Somerville organises a number of social activities for our staff; not only for the enjoyment on the day, but also as a way of building on our great family atmosphere and creating an enjoyable work environment.

This goes a long way in maintaining our dedicated professional workforce and, ultimately, results in a high quality service offering to our clients and service users.

Recently staff took part in the Somerville Annual Golf Day. It was a great way of helping the team re-charge their batteries after the end of the 2015/16 financial year.

Seeing our staff relaxed, laughing and ‘hamming it up’ on the golf course, and during the prize ceremony was deeply satisfying.

A big thank you to Carolyn Cendo and Elaine Castles for all the organisation.

… And the winners were

First Equal: Com Mu (Maintenance), Victoria Large (Disability Services), Shiju Varughese (Finance) and Debbie Bampton (Disability Services).

As they say, winners were grinners!

2016 Somerville Annual Golf Day

2016 Somerville Annual Golf Day Winners