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Three generations of Somervillians

Somerville is very fortunate to be the home of many long term employees.

One such person is Jill May, Katherine based Disability Services Coordinator. Jill commenced work with Somerville in 1989, after the local Katherine paper advertised a position in a new house for those being repatriated.

Jill’s daughter, Lee-Anne, often visited her mother’s workplace as a child. In 1995, at age 18, Lee-Anne began working with Somerville as a casual in another Katherine house. Over time, Lee-Anne worked in various other Somerville locations before eventually becoming a Coordinator at one of the other Katherine houses, like her mother.

As years went by, Lee-Anne’s daughter Bianca grew up amongst many of the Somerville service users. In Year 10, Bianca requested she complete her work experience with Somerville, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Now 18, Bianca works with Somerville as a casual disability support worker. Bianca is looking to become a paramedic, but for the time being she loves working at Somerville, following in her family’s footsteps.

Photo L- R: Lee-Anne, Jill and Bianca

The three generations