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Katherine Youth Week

[node:title]Somerville Katherine Financial and Family Services staff with manager Leticia Dyer.

Family Services staff were kept extremely busy during April, with Youth Week, participating in a number of events.

Events began on Monday with the Opening Celebration Pool Party. The opening celebration has generally been the biggest event, attracting over 400 people.

There were an array of activities for the youth to enjoy, with music, plenty of food and a rock climbing wall, all held for free and in a safe environment. Somerville staff provided youth information on positive wellbeing decisions and an overview of our youth engagement programs.

Tuesday began with the annual Healthy Lifestyles Football Carnival competition, held at the Kalano Community Football Oval. The event ran all day and attracted a large crowd, with some Family Services staff playing on the day.

On Wednesday the couch surfing event was held. The event highlights the growing problem of youth homelessness in Katherine. This year there were six couches ready to race the track. The couches are decorated by various youth organisations in Katherine and the surrounding areas.

The couches are then pushed by the team around the track. The Somerville team came a close second this year. The best decorated couch went to the lounge cruiser, decorated by Strong Bala Men’s Health program Katherine.

On Thursday there was an outdoor movie at the Katherine Pool and free Barbeque. Around 150 people attended this event, on a very balmy night in Katherine.

The week finished with a Closing Celebration. Once again food and drinks were supplied. Katherine youth enjoyed the challenging ‘Velcro wall’, dressed in gladiator and sumo suits. Many families and youth attended the closing celebrations.

Thank You to the Katherine Team for all their hard work during a very busy week!